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TDP 598: 4th Doctor - The Pursuit Of History

On a brisk winter’s morning in 1850s Yorkshire, Cuthbert, head of the intergalactic business known as 'The Conglomerate' prepares to hijack a very special train. In the far future, his assistant, Mr Dorrick is awoken by howling alarms. There is a problem with the Quantum Gateway. In the TARDIS, the Doctor, Romana and K9 detect strange distortions in the Vortex, an energy stream coming from a strange creature called a Laan. The threads of a plan centuries in the making are coming together. But who is behind this plan? And can anyone possibly escape when history is against them? Note: The adventure continues in Doctor Who: Casualties of Time Written By: Nicholas Briggs Directed By: Nicholas Briggs Cast Tom Baker (The Doctor), Lalla Ward (Romana), John Leeson (K9), David Warner (Cuthbert), Toby Hadoke (Mr Dorrick), David Troughton (Mr Edge), John Dorney (David Goddard/Oceanic Airforce Commander), Lisa Bowerman (Conglom-Net Computer/Oceanic Airforce Pilot) Jez Fielder (Neville Sanders/Drudger/Ecidien Cerebus Bird/Albert Chatterton/The White Guardian/Salonu Prime), Jane Slavin (The Laan/Salonu). Other parts played by members of the cast.

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A brand new boxset of four adventures, featuring monsters from the new series of Doctor Who! 1.1 Fallen Angels by Phil Mulryne 2015: When sightseers Joel and Gabby Finch encounter a strange man in Edwardian cricketing garb in the Sistine Chapel, their honeymoon suddenly takes a terrifying turn. 1511: Michelangelo is commissioned to create some very special sculptures by a mysterious sect. But as he carves, angels seem to emerge fully-formed from the rock. Almost as if they are alive… From Michelangelo’s workshop to the catacombs of Rome, the Fifth Doctor must keep his wits about him and his eyes wide open as he confronts the Weeping Angels. 1.2 Judoon in Chains by Simon Barnard and Paul Morris The Sixth Doctor is no stranger to courtroom drama, but faces a very different challenge when he prepares to defend a most unusual Judoon. After an environmental clearance mission goes wrong, Captain Kybo of the Nineteenth Judoon Interplantary Force is stranded in Victorian England, bound in chains, an exhibit in a circus show. But he has allies: Eliza Jenkins – known to audiences as ‘Thomasina Thumb’ – and the larger-than-life ‘clown’ in the colourful coat. Uncovering a trail of injustice and corruption, the Doctor and Kybo soon find themselves on trial for their lives… 1.3 Harvest of the Sycorax by James Goss In the far future, humanity has a remedy for everything. Whatever the problem, Pharma Corps has the answer and a designer disease tailored to every human’s blood-type. Zanzibar Hashtag has no need to be sad, scared, stressed, or depressed ever again. That is, until vicious aliens arrive on her space station intent on opening its Vault. What will it mean for the human race if the Sycorax take control of what’s inside? And when the Seventh Doctor arrives on the scene, can he convince Zanzibar to care about her life long enough to help him? 1.4 The Sontaran Ordeal by Andrew Smith An instant of the Time War brings centuries of conflict to the planet Drakkis, and the Eighth Doctor is there to witness the terrible results. A Sontaran fleet, desperate to join the epic conflict, follows in its wake to take advantage of the fallout. But when Commander Jask is beamed down to the ravaged surface, there is more to his arrival than first appears. Soon, an unlikely champion joins forces with the Time Lord to fight for the future of her world, and together they must face the Sontaran Ordeal… Written By: Phil Mulryne, Simon Barnard, Paul Morris, James Goss, Andrew Smith Directed By: Barnaby Edwards Cast Fallen Angels Peter Davison (The Doctor) Sacha Dhawan (Joel Finch), Diane Morgan (Gabby Finch), Matthew Kelly (Michelangelo), Joe Jameson (Piero), Dan Starkey (Priest). Other parts played by members of the cast. Judoon in Chains Colin Baker (The Doctor), Nicholas Briggs (Captain Kybo), Kiruna Stamell (Eliza Jenkins), Trevor Cooper (Jonathan Jaggers Esq), Tony Millan (Justice Burrows/Jonty), Sabina Franklyn (Herculania) Nicholas Pegg (Business Owner). Other parts played by members of the cast. Harvest of the Sycorax Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Nisha Nayar (Zanzibar), Jonathan Firth (Cadwallader), Rebecca Callard (Shadrak), Giles Watling (The Sycorax Chief) The Sontaran Ordeal Paul McGann (The Doctor), Josette Simon (Sarana Teel), Dan Starkey (Jask), Christopher Ryan (General Stenk/Flitch), Sean Connolly (Tag Menkin/Ensign Stipe). Producer David Richardson Script Editor Matt Fitton

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TDP 596: Summer of Blakes7 2.02 - Shadow

The crew arrives at Space City where Blake seeks contact with the criminal organisation Terra Nostra as possible resistance allies, but their leader Largo may have loyalty to the enemy. Meanwhile, an alien entity takes possession of Orac through his dimensional logic circuits and disrupts Cally's empathic powers driving her to madness. Blake and his crew then rush to the desert planet Zondar to seek out the heavily guarded source of the drug known as "Shadow" which is the basis of Terra Nostra's power and the only help for Cally.

Guest Stars: Karl Howman (as Bek), Adrienne Burgess (as Hanna), Derek Smith (as Largo), Archie Tew (as Enforcer),Vernon Dobtcheff (as Chairman)

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TDP 595: Summer of Blakes7 2.01 Redemption

Blake becomes obsessed with Orac's prediction of the destruction of the Liberator. However there are more pressing matters when the ship comes under attack by its alien creators, "The System", who want their property back. After fleeing, Liberator's control systems shut down and Blake heads to engineering to fix the problem but is attacked by a "living" wire cable with a mind of its own. Meanwhile, Liberator is remote piloted to The System's space station and the crew are taken prisoner. With Orac's help, the crew escapes The System who sends out another attack ship which looks exactly like the Liberator and Blake now wonders which Liberator Orac had predicted seeing destroyed. Introducing: Peter Tuddenham as the voice of Orac Guest Stars: Sheila Ruskin (as Alta One), Harriet Philpin (as Alta Two), Roy Evans (as Slave)

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TDP 594: New Counter-Measures - Who Killed Toby

A special feature-length release, forging a new era for Counter-Measures! It’s Christmas 1973. Nearly ten years have elapsed since the Counter-Measures group vanished. Only one of the remaining members is officially alive. But that is about to change. When Sir Toby is killed by an enigmatic assailant, his friends fly in from around the globe to attend the funeral where they discover that the truth of their colleague’s murder lies hidden in his past. A dangerous killer is out for revenge. A terrible assassination is planned. When ghosts walk the street, there’s only one team you need. 1. Who Killed Toby Kinsella? by John Dorney 2. The Dead Don't Rise by Ken Bentley Written By: John Dorney, Ken Bentley Directed By: Ken Bentley Cast Simon Williams (Group Captain Gilmore), Pamela Salem (Rachel Jenson), Karen Gledhill (Allison Williams), Hugh Ross (Sir Toby Kinsella), Raad Rawi (Prince Hassan Al-Nadyr), Justin Avoth (Mikhail), Belinda Stewart-Wilson (Overton), Ian Lindsay (Routledge), Jot Davies (Avery), Alan Cox (Fanshawe). Other parts portrayed by the cast. Producer David Richardson Script Editor John Dorney Story by Ken Bentley Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

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TDP 593: Torchwood 2.5 BROKEN

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Whenever Ianto Jones has a tough day at work, he has somewhere he can hide. And, for Ianto Jones, it's always a tough day at work. His girlfriend is dead, his colleagues don't trust him, and his boss... his boss is something else. With no friends in the world, and his life in danger every day, is it any wonder that at night, Ianto Jones goes to the pub? Ianto's local becomes somewhere where he feels safe. Safe from his demons, safe from his life, safe from Torchwood. Until one evening, Captain Jack Harkness walks into a bar.... Torchwood contains adult material and may not be suitable for younger listeners Written By: Joseph Lidster Directed By: Scott Handcock Cast John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness), Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto Jones), Melanie Walters (Mandy Aibiston), Eiry Thomas (Glenda), Ross Ford (The Saviour) Produced by James Goss Script edited by Steve Tribe Executive Producers: Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

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Synopsis Kate Stewart and her UNIT team investigate and confront alien attacks on the planet Earth in this new 5 disc boxset. 2.1 Power Cell by Matt Fitton Osgood and Captain Josh Carter are sent to investigate the disappearance of a UNIT scientist. Meanwhile, alien technology has fallen into the hands of Lyme Industries, and Kate Stewart can't persuade the company’s CEO, Felicity Lyme, to give it back. But UNIT find themselves fighting a third battle when innocent people start to die. Who are the mysterious assassins? And what does Felicity Lyme want with top secret alien technology? 2.2 Death in Geneva by Andrew Smith With few people left to trust, and with assassins on their tail, Kate and Osgood race to UNIT Command in Geneva. Will General Avary be able to help them? But when death follows UNIT all the way from the English countryside to the snowy slopes of the Alps, Captain Carter finds himself in a race against time. As the body count rises, Kate struggles to separate friend from foe, danger circles Osgood ever closer, and, high in the mountains, Josh comes face to face with the enemy... 2.3 The Battle of the Tower by Andrew Smith The threat is now clear, and Kate Stewart retreats to UNIT HQ with her most trusted colleagues. She has no choice but to place the Black Archive into lockdown, and the Tower of London is where UNIT will make its stand. While the capital sleeps, an alien horde is gathering, ready to rise from the shadows to attack Earth’s greatest defence force inside its own stronghold. The Tower is infiltrated, and UNIT must hold the line. At any cost. Lock and load... 2.4 Ice Station Alpha by Matt Fitton Caught between human greed and an unstoppable alien power, Kate Stewart leads her closest allies on one final, desperate mission. This could be the very last chance for the human race. But the UNIT team has been declared rogue, and ruthless military forces are in pursuit as they race across the globe. Kate calls Lieutenant Sam Bishop to their aid, while Josh and Osgood head out across the frozen Antarctic plains to try and prevent a disaster no-one else knows is coming. Written By: Matt Fitton, Andrew Smith Directed By: Ken Bentley Cast Jemma Redgrave (Kate Stewart), Ingrid Oliver (Osgood), Warren Brown (Sam Bishop), James Joyce (Captain Josh Carter), Alice Krige (Felicity Lyme), Asif Khan (Jay Roy) Tyrone Huggins (Dr Kenton Eastwood), Nigel Carrington (Sir Peter Latcham), Beth Chalmers (Anna/Radio Announcer/Quizmaster), Harry Ditson (General Grant Avary), Dan Li (Dokan/Alien Leader), Akira Koieyama (Chiso/Tengobushi Assassins), Stephen Billington (Commander Bergam), Jot Davies (Sebastien/Major Disanto). Other parts portrayed by the cast. Producer David Richardson Script Editor Ken Bentley, Matt Fitton Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

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The lost Peladon tale

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TDP 591: Survivors Box Set 4

This title was released in June 2016. It will be exclusively available to buy from the BF website until July 31st 2016, and on general sale after this date. It begins with just a few people falling ill. Another flu virus that spreads around the globe. And then the reports begin that people are dying… When most of the world's population is wiped out, a handful of survivors are left to pick up the pieces. Cities become graveyards. Technology becomes largely obsolete. Mankind must start again… 4.1 The Old Ways by Ken Bentley The Government has plans for a national state of emergency. But when Evelyn Piper and her colleagues shelter in the Tartarus bunker, they discover no amount of planning can prepare for the reality of the Death... 4.2 For the Good of the Cause by Louise Jameson One old friend calls on Greg and Jenny to look after another. Together, they visit a utopian community where the inspirational Theo seems to have founded the perfect way of life... 4.3 Collision by Christopher Hatherall When the old world collides with the new, casualties are unavoidable. While Greg and Theo work together for the future, Jenny tries to save lives - with the help of a troubled young man called Michael... 4.4 Forgive and Forget by Matt Fitton As long-buried crimes surface, resentment and recrimination threaten to destroy the peace of the Foundation. Jenny, Jackie and Molly have their own trials to bear, and Greg confronts the truth of this new world head on. For some, nothing will ever be the same… NOTE: Survivors contains adult material and is not suitable for younger listeners. Written By: Ken Bentley, Louise Jameson, Christopher Hatherall, Matt Fitton Directed By: Ken Bentley Cast Ian McCulloch (Greg), Lucy Fleming (Jenny), Louise Jameson (Jackie), Fiona Sheehan (Molly), Zoë Tapper (Evelyn Piper), Ramon Tikaram (Theo), Jane Maud (Mildred Sanderson/Sarah), Paul Panting (Colonel Stephen Adams), Jonathan Oliver (Lewis Bartholomew MP), Terry Molloy (John Redgrave), Sean Murray (Dr Stewart/Terry Levinson), Alex Lanipekun (Roy), Vinette Robinson (Davina), Laurence Dobiesz (Michael), Enzo Squillino Jnr (Stan). Other parts portrayed by the cast. Producer David Richardson Script Editor Matt Fitton Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

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