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Domain of the Voord


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The Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara land on the planet Hydra, where Admiral Jonas Kaan leads a vast flotilla of ships trying to elude the vicious race that has invaded and occupied their world. But his ships are being picked off one by one, vessels and crews dragged underwater by an unseen foe.

The time travellers find themselves pitched into battle against the Voord, the ruthless enemy they last encountered on the planet Marinus. As they take the fight to the very heart of the territory now controlled by the Voord the stakes get higher. First they lose the TARDIS... then they lose that which they hold most dear. And that's only the start of their troubles.

In the capital, Predora City, they will learn the truth of what it means to be a Voord. And that truth is horrifying.

Written By: Andrew Smith
Directed By: Ken Bentley


William Russell (Ian Chesterton), Carole Ann Ford (Susan), Daisy Ashford (Amyra),Andrew Dickens (Jonas Kaan/Tarlak), Andrew Bone (Pan Vexel/Nebrin)

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Signs and Wonders


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The end of the world is nigh. That’s what everybody is seeing in their nightmares. That’s why they are congregating in Liverpool for the party to end all parties, hosted by Rufus Stone, a celebrity turned doomsday prophet. He claims he’s the only one who can save them when the day of judgement comes. Because he’s on the side of the angels.

The Doctor, Ace and Hector arrive to find the city in the grip of apocalypse fever. There are lights in the sky, earthquakes and power cuts. The Doctor is determined to investigate, while Ace is more concerned about finding a way of restoring Hector’s lost memories.

Meanwhile, in the river Mersey, hideous, slug-like creatures are stirring...

Written By: Matt Fitton
Directed By: Ken Bentley


Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Sophie Aldred (Ace), Philip Olivier (Hex), Jessica Martin (Reverend Janet Green), Warren Brown (Rufus Stone/To'Koth), Jemma Churchill (Praska), Rory Keenan (Captain Gormley)

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"Kill the Moon" is the seventh episode of the eighth series of the British science fiction television programme Doctor Who, written by Peter Harness, and directed by Paul Wilmshurst.[3] The episode stars Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, with Hermione Norris guest starring.[4][5][6]

A preview clip from the episode was shown when Peter Capaldi was a guestThe Graham Norton Show on 26 September 2014.[7] A 10-second trailer was released on 29 September 2014.[8]





The episode was originally written for Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor. An earlyworking title for the episode was "Return to Sarn", however, this was intended to be misleading. While briefing Harness on how to write the script, executive producer Steven Moffat told him to "Hinchcliffe the shit out of it for the first half", meaning, essentially, to make it frightening. This was in reference to Philip Hinchcliffe, who produced Doctor Who from 1974–77.[9] Moffat called the script "intense and emotional".[10] Harness has said that the episode will see a large change for the show. "I still don’t know how people will take it. I’m in this kind of limbo now waiting for people to see it, and I’ve no idea, really I do not know how it is going to go down."[11]


Filming for the episode took place in Lanzarote, near the Volcán del Cuervo (Raven's Volcano[12]) in Timanfaya National Park.[13] The last episode to be filmed there was 1984's Fifth Doctor serial Planet of Fire.[14] Filming took place on 12–13 May,[15] while the park was closed to visitors,[16] with locals reporting that “they’ve erected a huge marquee, have trailers, toilets and a van.”[13] Filming also took place at the Cardiff Bay Business Centre in Splott and St Illtyd's College in Cardiff on 20 May,[15] and at Aberavon Beach in Port Talbot on 21 May.[17][18][19][20][21][22]


Tony Osoba previously appeared in the classic serials Destiny of the Daleks and Dragonfire.


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12th September Whostrology

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#doctorwho #tindogpodcast Pollard Box Set review

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#doctorwho #tindogpodcast Shakespear Notes BBC Book Review

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Future Britain is bankrupt, its corporate owners facing financial ruin. Fortunately, the Universal Monetary Fund, and its slimy representative Sil, are willing to give its President a multi-billion credit bail-out... but terms and conditions apply, and Sil's proposed austerity measures go far beyond mere benefit cuts.

Responding to a distress call, the Doctor and his companion Flip land in a London whose pacified population has been driven largely underground. But the horrors down there in the dark are as nothing to the horrors that await them at ConCorp HQ, where a young biochemist in Sil's employ is working on a permanent solution to the nation's terminal unprofitability.

Because in the final account, Sil plans to make a killing...

Written By: Philip Martin
Directed By: Nicholas Briggs


Colin Baker (The Doctor), Lisa Greenwood (Flip Jackson), Nabil Shaban (Sil), Dawn Murphy (Miss Cordelia), David Dobson(Pan/Lord Mav), Mary-Ann Cafferkey (Cerise), Scott Joseph(Boscoe/Vo

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